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The Proof is Out There

Required UC: 2 per episode


Actors: Tony Harris | Michael Primeau | Mick West

Summary: The Proof is Out There investigates the world's most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings, and uses the best technology and experts to render a credible verdict. Each episode analyzes and passes verdicts on several seemingly impossible things "caught on film," including giant beasts, UFOS, apocalyptic sounds, hairy humans, alleged mutants from the deep, con...
  • 28 Ancient Alien Carvings and Bigfoot 'Shr EUR NA
  • 27 The Creeping Horror and Viral Car Ju EUR NA
  • 26 The Nightcrawler and the Beast in the Tree EUR NA
  • 25 Bigfoot's Death Cry and Bird on Mars EUR NA
  • 24 UFO Window Seat and Lost Underwater City EUR NA
  • 23 Episode #2.23 EUR NA
  • 22 Mysterious Sky Moans and Dragon Sighting EUR NA
  • 21 Land UFO and Superhuman Strength EUR NA
  • 20 UFO Eruption and Alien Spheres EUR NA
  • 19 The London Serpent and Moon UFOS EUR NA
  • 18 Birdzilla & New Montauk Monster EUR NA
  • 17 Mutant Mummy & Alien Monolith EUR NA
  • 16 Lough Foyle Monster; NYC Glowing Orbs EUR NA
  • 15 Snakelike Sea Monster & North Korean Supersoldier EUR NA
  • 14 Yeti Sighting & Italian UFO EUR NA
  • 13 Bigfoot Revealed EUR NA
  • 12 Wichita UFO & Booming Sea Sound EUR NA
  • 11 Sasquatch Sounds & Undersea Alien EUR NA
  • 10 Alaskan Sea Monster & Mystery Jungle Jet EUR NA
  • 09 Jetpack Man & Alien Ocean Egg EUR NA
  • 08 Apocalyptic Lights & Baby Sharkman EUR NA
  • 07 Two-Headed Serpent & Mummified Monster EUR NA
  • 06 Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak EUR NA
  • 05 Real Excalibur & Texas Teleportation EUR NA
  • 04 Malaysian Toilet Monster & The Buzzer EUR NA
  • 03 Dog Headed Man and Summoning Spaceships EUR NA
  • 02 Strange Frequencies and Water Dragons EUR NA
  • 01 UFOs Caught on Camera EUR NA
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